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Wednesday to Sunday last week I followed wedding photographer Jasmine Star on her 5 day Wedding course on creativeLIVE. To give some background, creativeLIVE is free online education from working creative professionals. During the course period, the classes are broadcasted live and are free. Once the course is over you have the opportunity to buy the broadcast. So like I said, I had been following Jasmine Star teaching her wedding photography class and she asked her students this question: “What three words describe your style?” She went on to explain having your own style, and it is the images that possess these qualities that will be your signature. I didn’t think much of it at first, but for some reason I kept asking myself that question. Like the other students, coming up with the first word was easy – “Natural”. Whenever I photograph people I find myself saying over and over to not worry about posing but to just be natural. The next word is “artsy”. Yes, I am kinda artsy fartsy, it’s just in me. It was actually my wife who helped come up with this one, she says it is a quality that many other people say I have as well. And the last is cool. We all want to look cool, especially the guys, no one wants to look lame. So there you have it. If you want picture that looks Natural, Artsy & Cool, you have come to the right place.

Abrentisart Photograpy

Abrentisart Photograpy

One piece of advice given to me about wanting to shoot more was to get out and shoot. So I did. Here are a couple of pics I had taken over the past week. Thanks for the push Treezoy.

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